Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of the Post Graduate Program Islamic Theology offers academics a platform for international and interdisciplinary exchange. One of the seven core subjects is at the heart of a three-day open conference which the partner universities will host in turn. The conference is preceded by two days of internal proceedings when discussions exclusively focus on the doctoral research projects within the Post Graduate Program.

Summer Academy 2012: Systematic Theology (Kalam)

24-26 August 2012

The establishment of Islamic theology at German universities offers the possibility for an academic examination of Islam in order to both reflect the traditional Islamic theology and to devise new approaches within it.

The Qur’an does not only present God’s mercy as an absolute principle, but puts it in the center of the Islamic message: “God sent you, Muhammad, as mercy to the world” (21:107). Traditional Islamic theology, however, hardly dealt with God’s mercy. 

A theology of mercy takes up this Qur’anic idea and makes mercy the maxim of Islamic theology. Thereby the theology of mercy wants to contribute to a paradigm shift within the systematic Islamic theology (kalam). 

Which consequences does this paradigm shift have for the understanding of both the relation between God and creation and God’s action in the world? Which impact does it have on the approach to the Qur’an and the prophetic tradition (Sunnah)? And how does the understanding of an Islamic ethic change?

The conference addresses these issues and wants to contribute to the establishment of a modern Islamic theology.

Please find the program and further information here.